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Behavioral Medicine

Our behavioral medicine department is handled by Dr. Chris Erion, DVM. Behavioral medicine is all about maintaining and cultivating the human-animal bond. Educating owners on aspects of normal behavior is an important starting point of a behavioral evaluation. 

Many abnormal behaviors, or behaviors that strain the human-animal bond, such as felines urinating outside of the box, may have a medical origin. The first step in any behavioral consultation is to ensure that there is no physiological or medical cause for a certain behavior. Many underlying medical problems or abnormalities can manifest themselves in the form of abnormal behaviors.

Once medical issues are ruled out, then clinical behavioral history is taken, and oftentimes behavioral modification techniques can help alleviate or stop the abnormal behaviors. Pharmaceutical modalities can be used to aid the pet owner during the retraining period. In many cases this realignment of a pet’s behavior into a more normal sphere can have substantial positive effects on the human-animal bond.